Thursday, February 8, 2007

Jogging Along Pasir Ris Park

February 9 marks the 1st week of my stay here in Singapore. I've managed to see a bit of the neighborhood through my newly found morning routine, jogging.

I wake up a little past 8 and leave the house with my uncle who's off to work at Tanjong Pagar. He points me towards the road that should take me to the Pasir Ris Park.

My short journey starts with an upward trek. To my left is a dense collection of trees while a grassy hill sits quietly by my right.

After some painful strides, I see residential houses lined up on both sides of the road.

Shortly after I enter the Pasir Ris Park, I couldn't help but notice the lone woman sitting on the ground towards my right.

The yoga lady hums in her meditation. I try my best to whizz past her as silently as I could.

Another few minutes and I get to my favorite spot, the beach.

From afar, I could make out a fisherman doing something with his net. We pass each other but he doesn't seem to notice me and he just goes about his business.

A few years ago when I stayed for about a week in Aklan, a province made famous by Boracay and the Ati-Atihan, I found out it wasn't easy to jog along the sandy shorelines. So at this point in my routine, I simply walk and revel in the magnificent view. Sometimes I sit by the benches nearby and watch the crows or read
The Straits Times.

Speaking of birds, it had been a long time since I last enjoyed the sweet cacophony they made. I pass by 3 parks each morning: the Sungei Api Api Park, the Pasir Ris Park and the Pasir Ris Town Park. The ambience just wouldn't be the same without the chirping. If I do this long enough, maybe in the future I'll be able to identify the birds from their sounds alone.

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