Sunday, October 26, 2008

BBQ At Pasir Ris Park, Bullion Park

Pasir Ris Park

Having a barbecue picnic at Pasir Ris Park was an activity we have long been thinking of, but have never actually gone about doing. Well, we finally made it happen, thanks to Rochelle's mom who was going home after spending some time here in Singapore. It turned out to be a great send off.

The plan was finalized a little too close to D-day, just the day before, actually. It was just as well that we didn't check the weather forecast and simply hoped for the best. (A faulty weather forecast actually ruined our plans to go the HSBC Treetop Walk one Saturday during a long weekend). Rochelle tried to make reservations through the National Parks Board BBQ Pit Internet Booking System. Unfortunately, the system reflected no available pits.

Someone's positive thinking and persistence paid off and saved the day, when that someone -- Joanne -- tried to book directly through an AXS Station. The reservation came through successfully; there were available slots after all. There must be a glitch somewhere because both systems were supposed to be interconnected. The thought that someone would come up to us and say that we were occupying their barbecue pit crossed my mind, but didn't bother me too much once we were there, under the shade of palm trees, beside the beach, with the gentle gust of wind blowing in our face, the heavenly aroma wafting from the meat being grilled over charcoal.

We forgot to bring a lighter and didn't bring enough mineral water. Good thing there was a food center near the PA Bungalows that sold both. The charcoals we bought, more of wood as they are, were not too good. Scattered twigs and fallen sheaths of the coconut flower served as good reinforcements. Apart from these minor setbacks, everything went well. Tummies were filled, stories were traded, and laughter abounded.

BBQ Pit 55 was in Area 4 of the park, near the PA Bungalows, towards the end of Elias Road where residential houses abound. It's a 3-minute walk from the nearest bus stop, in a route that only bus 403 services. This particular bus is most useful when you wish to visit either the Pasir Ris Park or the Pasir Ris Town Park, two different destinations that are part of its regular itinerary.

At the opposite end, Area 1 of the park is near Costa Sands Resort, near Downtown East, accessible via buses 358 EAST loop and 354. Make sure you don't take bus 358 WEST loop, which goes in the opposite direction, towards Elias Mall. I'm not alone in saying that it makes more sense to number the buses differently rather than having to indicate East or West, but it's unlikely that this will ever change. Areas 2 & 3 are of course between those two. A map of the park, segregated into the aforementioned areas can be found here.

Bullion Park

Now, Bullion Park isn't really a park. Instead you'd find high rise condominiums with 472 units if you go there. It's in Lentor Loop, near Yio Chu Kang MRT station. We went there for an afternoon of barbecue to celebrate a friend's (Cheryl) birthday.

I happened to bring my camera and found reason to use it, apart from documenting the celebration we were happy to have been part of. I just couldn't resist taking photos of the different er, bodies of water. Way below, you'd see another reason why they invented Vodkas, as happily demonstrated by our friend, Mr. Chippy.

Was the vodka used to add flavor to the meat or to encourage the flames?

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