Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Asia 360 - 15th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival (2/3)

The balloons came in different colors, sizes and shapes. Among those that stood out were those that came in the shape of a beer bottle, a house, a turtle and a star.

While the hot air balloons were the highlight of the event, that wasn't all there was to it. The air show also featured skydivers jumping out of planes in their colorful parachutes, daredevils performing aerobatics using light aircraft, aviators parading various ultralight planes and slingers testing their aim in balloon bursting.

This is one of the ultralights.

One of the helicopters during this segment where the pilots show of their skills in hovering just a few inches above the ground and keeping it stable for about a minute.

Here's a member of the Philippine Army making a perfect landing. Some inevitably tumbled during their landing.

Another perfect landing from another daredevil. Notice the different type of parachute used.

Here's a free spirit manuevering a powered paraglider.

Hired performers wearing colorful costumes and carrying equally colorful scarecrows and eagles on sticks above the head commingle with the crowd.

Here are some of the pilots posing for the camera.

To be continued...


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nice shots!

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