Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Singapore 360 - Day 31: Wave House Sentosa

Surfing isn't among the list of sports that is popular in Singapore. Also, while the country is surrounded by sea, it's fair to say that Singapore isn't much of a beach destination.

Well, those reasons shouldn't stop anyone from trying out something that resembles the sport right in Singapore's most popular tourist destination. With the opening of Wave House in Sentosa late last year, the lack of ginormous surfing waves seems to have been addressed.

Their solution is, of course, technology-driven, with good results — surfer-to-die-for waves artificially generated over and over again. Judging from the big smiles on the faces of those who have tried the wave simulator, it looks like a lot of fun.

I've always thought of myself as a beach lover. But I find that statement ironic given the fact that I have never tried surfing. Although I'm quite sure my case is hardly unique, I feel my claim as a beach lover doesn't hold much water (pun intended) until this hurdle is surpassed. Well, here's my chance, you might say.

Looking back, my love for the beach was brought about by those yearly summer trips to the beach my family would make. As a young boy, the beach was always the one thing that defined my summer. I always looked forward to the gentle kiss of the sea breeze on my face, the taste of salty water on my lips, the ticklish feel of sand at my feet, the hypnotic splashing of the waves against my torso and even the painful sunburns all over my body afterwards.

I guess it's time to plan for striking one item off that long list.


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