Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting Lost At Mount Faber

Sometimes getting lost turns out to be a remarkable adventure, especially if you eventually find your way and get to your destination on time.

This time around, it started with an invitation to dinner by one of our clients. They wanted to try something different, I was told. So we headed for Marina Deck Restaurant at Mount Faber.

The trouble started when we were climbing Mount Faber and the driver, Uncle, slowed down in front of a lodge and asked me if that was the place I wanted to go to. It turns out he didn't know where Marina Deck Restaurant was either.

After we kept making the wrong turns and going around in circles --and the meter kept registering additional spondulicks--, Uncle suggested that I should probably just walk. I took the offer enthusiastically. It was an opportunity to marvel and revel at the great view and of course, take photos.

I opted to take a flight of stairs instead of following the road Uncle and I had earlier taken.

A few minutes later, I got to probably the highest point in Mount Faber, where a park overlooking the city was built. The sight of the sea and the Singapore skyline was mesmerizing.

There was even a mini-version of the majestic Merlion.

A few minutes later I was walking along the sidewalk, following the main road.

I ended up in The Jewel Box. I asked the people stationed in front to point me the proper direction.

And so they did. All I had to do was keep following the road, they said.

I finally reached my destination in a short while.

No more figuring out why it's called the Marina Deck Restaurant.

They serve hotpot.

"This is a totally new experience!" kept exclaiming one of our clients as he tossed in the meat and vegetables into the boiling water every now and then.

What's new for me is that this sort of gas stoves was being used. They're on top of the table too, instead of being partially hidden, as I have gotten accustomed to.

The important thing is that we bonded and had fun.

Will I be coming back? If I get an invitation...

Will I be getting lost in Mount Faber again? I hope to jog there sometime in the future.


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