Friday, July 3, 2009

When H1N1 Hits Home - Day 4

I see Matthin drawing on his desk. He looks good under the circumstances. I can definitely see his improvement since day 1. I just wish he'd lose the cough in the next day or two. Somehow his mother managed to do just that.

The rest of us in the house remain asymptomatic. We're glad that aside from this major inconvenience, there seems to be no permanent damage that H1N1 has caused us. We're glad that the virus is not as lethal as it was earlier feared to be. Of course, this doesn't mean we'd want to be down with it if we had a choice.

If you've read the previous posts, you already know that Matthin is quite big a boy for his age. Since there's pretty much nothing to say about this day, I'd like to share a few more things about my cousin:

1.He loves fried rice. Well, he likes food in general. But he especially loves fried rice. Aside from not wanting anything else but hotdogs when he was younger, Matthin never really gave his parents much of a headache when it comes to getting him to eat. It's good to see him continually expanding his menu since he turned five.

2. He likes playing badminton. Like any other child, he'd cry if you beat him. But he keeps playing nevertheless and of course, the inevitable happens — he keeps getting better at the sport as the weeks go by.

3. He's a Nadal fan. His mother is Federer fan and so am I. Still, Matthin made up his mind and roots for Rafa. He's not yet playing tennis but I'm sure he'd love it when he does.

4. He's into running. It wasn't easy to get him started though. At first he was excited when he joined a fun run in school. Then his face turned bluish red after running 25 meters during a running clinic. My aunt made it her mission to get Matthin into better shape. I remember us pulling out every trick in the bag we knew to get him to run a complete round in the track. His tears kept rolling and his shouts kept coming but he just wouldn't run. After six rounds of walking, he seemed convinced we were never going to stop unless he gave it a try, which he did. Don't ask me how, but he's enjoyed running ever since. Before he was down with the flu, he was running more than I did. Actually that's an understatement because I only get to run a maximum of three times in a week but this kid runs a minimum of five.

5. He likes playing the piano. This kid has a great memory. I'm running out of stuff to teach him on the keyboard. He's been recently forcing me to teach him a piece I haven't even completed myself. I'm sure a piano teacher will have a good time with him. Geez, I miss playing with this boy.

Oh well, it looks like we can see the end of this quarantine period. I sure hope there are no unpleasant surprises. We'll keep praying.

Matthin can barely keep himself inside his room. Thank goodness for TV, X-box and his ever patient mom.
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