Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Rasa Sentosa Singapore Weekend Getaway

A few weeks ago we decided to go on a quick weekend getaway. We didn't want to spend so much time traveling, so going out of Singapore was not an option. There are numerous hotels to choose from but we wanted a feeling of seclusion, of being away from the frenetic activities of a normal Singapore day. What could be better than staying at a hotel by the beach?

Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa it was. The fact that a bridge needed crossing to get to the island resort somewhat gives it the feeling of isolation. Knowing that Sentosa means peace and tranquility in Malay is also a bit comforting. On the other hand, Rasa means taste, feeling or sensation in Malay as a noun. A few minutes in Rasa Sentosa was enough for me to conclude that we made right the choice and that the name of the hotel was justified.

If there was any doubt that we were in a five-star establishment in the hotel we went to early this year, there was no such feeling this time around. The rooms were in great condition, the surroundings were exceptionally clean, the facilities were well maintained and the people were very hospitable. To top it off was a panoramic view of the nice pool, the blue sea and the white sand.

Staying in the room just watching TV, reading a book, appreciating the view or simply sleeping would have been good enough. But we opted to do some experiencing and not just viewing.

At daybreak, we walked along the shoreline. It was impossible to miss the people sleeping on the sand. Some managed to pitch tents. Here and there were a few litters, but the shore was rubbish-free by the time the sun was fully out.

We did go around Sentosa but we spent a lot of time by the beach. Besides, there are too many things to mention about Sentosa that would make this post to lengthy to include.

Swimming, playing volleyball, flying Frisbees, kayaking, sunbathing, what else do people do at the beach but have fun while basking in the sun? What about throwing-in-the-water time? Boys will be boys.

We never did get to the flying trapeze in Siloso beach in action. We did get to sample Trapizza's pizza and pasta though. The food was great.

One other thing we didn't get to try was riding the Segway. Oh well, I'm sure there will be some other time for that.

We did have good food for dinner at Coastes by the beach. The fireworks from the Songs of the Sea could be seen and heard from where we were. Not to forget where we had lunch, which was in Shutters at the Amara Resort. The food was pleasant although the place was almost empty.

It was a very good weekend getaway if I may say. I can only wish every weekend was like that.


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