Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunset At Bedok Reservoir

I had been to Bedok Reservoir thrice prior to this day. The first was when we attempted to go for the grand course of the treetop adventure, which unfortunately we weren't even able to start because it rained so hard and we ended up getting stuck there for almost two hours. The next two times were for running — one was in preparation for the Passion Run and the other for the Mizuno Mt. Faber Run.

On the last two occasions, I've been fortunate enough to see the glorious sunset and kept wishing I brought a good camera with me. Well, I actually did bring a camera the second time around but I don't think the pictures I took do justice to how marvelous it was to see in person, not that photos will ever be better than the actual experience, but still, I think they were kinda ugly. I'm still posting those pictures below.

It was impossible for me not to remember my wish when I began taking pictures of sunsets in Pasir Ris Park. I had to come back. So I did when I finally got the chance.

I came with one purpose and one purpose only — to take pictures of the sunset over the water. I would have wanted to run but that meant getting home late and putting the camera at risk.

Unfortunately I wasn't early enough. The sun had already began to disappear on the horizon when I got there.

Still, I tried to do what I came there to do.

The photos are not as great as I want them to be. But I think they're definitely better than the ones I took earlier.

I guess I'll just have to haul myself with a camera back there again some time soon. Practice makes perfect. And yeah, it pays well to be early too.

There must be dozens of other places where it's nice to take pictures of the sunset here in Singapore. I wonder, where should I head to next?


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At June 20, 2011 at 12:15 PM , Anonymous Desiree said...

Probably next time you can try Kentridge park or Yishun dam?


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