Sunday, August 9, 2009

Singapore 360 - Day 4: Al Forno Italian Restaurant

Al Forno Italian Restaurant had long been recommended by a colleague-slash-friend. She was supposed to treat us there for her birthday several months ago. Regrettably, we declined because it was too far from the office and we were kinda busy that time. Now we'll probably have to wait next year for her treat.

One fine Sunday, when someone dear to us was leaving leaving Singapore for home permanently, we decided to have dinner somewhere in East Coast Park. Jumbo Restaurant came as the first suggestion, but somehow our Google search revealed it was somewhere in Changi. Remembering our friend's recommendation, I texted everyone and said we should just go to Al Forno Italian Restaurant along East Coast Rd.

I would later find out that East Coast Road is nowhere near East Coast Park. Half of our group had to take a cab again to get there from East Coast Park. But my mistake turned out to be a serendipitous one.

I could not remember our friend's tip on what food to order so with a tinge of hesitation I asked one waiter for his recommendations. He obliged, giving a few details on some of the food he recommended. There were only five of us, so we got two pizzas and two pastas. (I'd probably do a bit of research so I can edit this entry and name what we had). We also ordered white wine to go along.

The verdict? The food was great. The place was clean and comfortable. The service crew was efficient and friendly; the owner was there helping out and mingling with the customers. The $50-$60 share per person was well worth it. We'll definitely be coming back.


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