Friday, August 21, 2009

Safra Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2009 (1 of 3)

Strapped tight to a distinctive steel chair and about to be hurled into the air at a force many would not get to experience in their lifetime, I felt resigned to my fate having no energy left to resist.

"Are you all usually so quiet?" asked the man in black, a big jovial character with a bald head and a thick beard.

"Only when we're about to die," replied our friend on my right. That got all of us laughing.

After making sure my two friends and I were all safely bolted, the same fellow stepped away from the platform and made his way to the controls.

He broke our silence again a few minutes later.

"Do you prefer a countdown or —"

"Yes, please," came my hurried but enthusiastic reply, cutting him off.

"Alright!" he said. "One..."

Before I realized it we were being catapulted into the air at an impossible height in such a short period of time at a previously unimaginable speed. Just a few minutes earlier there were four of us free falling from a height of about 50 meters, held by the same type of straps and cradled by the same kind of chair. This time, there was room only enough for three. I had chickened out first but the only female among us wouldn't allow herself to be outdone. That's how I got myself into that position, a high and adrenalin-pumping at that. I raised my hands in an act of bravery and surrender, like I had done during the free fall, copying my friend Paul actually, letting out a scream while praying all the while for a safe landing and a strong heart that wouldn't fail me.

That was about eight hours after I completed my first 21 km run at the Safra Bay Run and Army Half Marathon. But that's getting ahead of the story, let me start from the beginning.


To be continued...

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